Before Scheduling an appointment  :

  1. Verify if you are covered by your insurance.
  2. If your optometrist does not appear in the list or if you consider your condition an emergency, please contact our clinic at 506-395-4999

Full eye exam Adults-19 years+

-Refraction -Binocular vision -Eye health, including a wide retinal picture (optomap) -Screening of visual fields -screening of dry eyes, including a meibography Cost: 155$

Eye exam contact lens wearer

As regular eye exam for contact lens wearers Cost : 170$

Eye exam diabetic

As regular eye exam for diabetic patients Cost: 165$

Full eye exam Young-18 less

-Refraction -Binocular vision -Eye health, including a wide retinal picture (Optomap) -Measurement of the length or the eye (Myopia control) Cost: 150$

The day of your appointment:

  1. If you have flu symptoms, we recommend wearing a mask ( available at the clinic) or reschedule your appointment.
  2. Please bring: 
    • Your list of medication
    • Your insurance cards
    • All of your glasses
  3. Patients wearing contact lenses:
    • Please come to your appointment not wearing your contact lenses.
    • Bring your contact lenses with you.