Comprehensive Eye Examination

A comprehensive eye examination for adults between age 19 to 64 years old, which includes ocular health assessment, visual field screening, eyeglasses prescription, and retinal photography.

Children's Eye Exam (<=18)

An eye examination with optometrist for children between age 0 to 18 years old. This exam is covered under Alberta Health Care. First exam is recommended at 6 months of age and then yearly thereafter.

Senior's Eye Exam (65+)

A comprehensive eye examination for adults 65+ years old. This exam is covered by Alberta Health Care and includes ocular health assessment, VF screening, eyeglasses Rx, and retinal photography.

Contact Lens Exam

Evaulation of contact lenses including follow-up for contact lens, fitting, and/or training for first time wearers. Subject to a fitting fee.

Medical Eye Exam

Follow-up or medicially-related examination with our Optometrist. (General concerns for eye symptons including common red eyes...etc.)

Diabetic Eye Health Exam

This is an ocular health assessment that does not include glasses prescriptions.

Dilated Fundus Exam

Dilated fundus examinations require dilation and necessary testing relating to the reason for dilation.

Partial Eye Exam

Follow-up exam recommended by our Optometrist relating to vision and glasses prescriptions.

Frame Selection & Consultation

Eyewear selection and/or prescription consultation including first-time glasses, progressive lenses, specialty lenses, post cataract surgery and all other optical related inquiries welcome.