Most of our team work at both locations.  If you do not see an available appointment at this location, we do welcome you to CLICK HERE to check their availability at our other store. 

The day of your appointment:

  • Our software is medical based, hence it asks for your date of birth. Please do not be offended; there is no work-around for us at this time
  • Bring your most up-to-date spectacle prescription.
  • Bring your current pair of eyeglasses with you. (Or most/least favorites if it will help in the process).
  • Bring your insurance card. We can bill directly to most insurance companies.

Consultation for New Eyewear

Our personalized consultations are all about selecting frame styles and lens choices for your specific needs and style!

Pick-up your New Eyewear

Book an appointment to pick up and be fit with your new eyewear!

Eyewear Adjustment

If you would like an adjustment and/or tune up for your glasses, we are happy to help!