This Booking system if for ROUTINE appointments only. If you are having an eye problem, please call us directly at (780) 705-2015.

If this is an EMERGENCY, please proceed to the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

Complete Eye Exam Child

For: ages 18 years old and younger. Cost: Alberta Health Care coverage. Note: eye exams are recommended at 6 months old and once a year.

Complete Eye Exam Adult

For: ages 19 to 64 years old. Cost: $135. Note: we bill most insurance plans, please bring any insurance information.

Complete Eye Exam - Cl Wearer

For: any patient who is currently a contact lens wearer. Cost: Eye exam fee + CL's fitting fee (varies depending on fit type).

Complete Eye Exam Senior

For: ages 65 years old and older. Cost: Alberta Health Care coverage.

Military Eye Exam

For: military members only (NON-AIRCREW). Cost: direct billed through your insurance. Please bring your FORMS. Note: This is NOT for AIRCREW exams. Aircrew eye exams must be booked over the phone.