Full Eye Exam

A comprehensive eye exam that does not include an assessment of contact lenses

Full Eye Exam - Contact Lenses

A comprehensive eye exam that includes an assessment of your current contact lenses

The day of your appointment :

    • Please be advised that you will typically be in the clinic for 45mins to 1h15mins for a comprehensive eye exam. Occasionally an exam may take longer if health concerns arise.
    • Your examination may include dilation drops, which are drops that dilate your pupils. Dilation drops typically last 6-8 hours. You may experience light sensitivity and blurry vision after dilation.
    • Please bring your Saskatchewan health card and insurance information. Please be advised we are set-up to direct bill with most major insurance companies. If we are unable to process your claim at the exam we will have you pay for the exam and will provide you with two copies of your receipt.

Contact lens wearers:

    • If you wear contact lenses it is important to have your contact lenses assessed on your eyes once a year. Contact lens wearers who are due for an annual contact lens assessment are asked to come to the exam wearing your contacts. Please put them in your eyes for at least 1 hour before your appointment. Bring your glasses as well. If you are new to our clinic we ask that you bring your current contact lens packaging/boxes so we know what type of contact lenses you are currently wearing.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us ! 306-664-2010 or info@opticeyeclinic.com