Under the updated regulation, clinics that provide health care services are still required to adhere to masking guidelines, and as such, masking remains in effect until at least June 11th, 2022. Please refer to the Ontario College of Optometrists and the Ontario College of Opticians for further clarifications.

The day of your appointment :

  • Bring your medication list, as well as all pairs of glasses that you currently use.

Due to the close nature of the service we provide, we require all patients to enter the office with a mask.

Prior to booking this exam, I confirm that I answer NO to the following questions:

Are you suspected or positive for COVID-19, or have close contact with someone known or suspected to have COVID-19?

Do you or any close contacts have any of the following symptoms?

Fever / New onset of cough / Worsening of chronic cough/ Difficulty breathing / Sore throat / Difficulty swallowing / Headache / Decrease or loss of sense of smell or taste / Unexplained fatigue, malaise, muscle aches / Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain / Runny nose, nasal congestion without other known cause / Pink eye / Delirium / Unexplained or increased number of falls / Acute functional decline / Worsening of chronic conditions

Are you required to be in isolation at this time?

Adult Eye Exam

The fee for the eye exam is $110. Ages 20 to 64

Childrens Exam Age 19 or Less

Please bring a valid health card to your appointment

Senior Exam Age 65 and Older

Please bring a valid health card to your appointment

In case of emergency, please call : (905) 849-1522

Due to the close nature of services required, a mask is required to be worn for the appointment.

Please arrive alone. If you require assistance please limit to one support person.

Please wear glasses to the visit.