If you have an ocular emergency, require medical/ocular testing, or if you do not see the appointment time you require, please call the office directly at (604) 892-5055 to book an appointment. 

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Full Medical Eye Exam with Retinal Imaging Eyeglass Presciption/Contact Lens Prescription Consultation and Fitting of Glasses and Sunglasses Post Exam

New Eyewear Appointment

Shop and Select Optical and Sunglass Frames with the help of Certified Optical Dispensers. Discuss lens options including Anti-Reflection & Anti-Scratch Coatings, Blue Light Filters and UV Protection.

Eyewear Services

Book this Appointment to Pick-up your New Glasses, to make Frame Adjustments or Repairs, for Frame Warranties or to have your New Lenses Mounted and Edged into your Frame.

Child's Eye Exam

Full Medical Eye Exam with Retinal Imaging Eyeglass Presciption/Contact Lens Prescription. Including Pediatric Binocular Vision Assessment.

Here are some tips for your visit :

    • Please bring along any current eyewear (all prescription glasses, computer glasses and sunglasses).
    • If you are a Contact Lens wearer, please wear your contact lenses into the appointment and also bring your glasses.
    • If you take medications, it would be helpful if you bring in your list.
    • Please bring in your BC Care Card to the appointment. Often a portion of your exam can be billed to MSP.
    • Children under 19 are covered 100% by MSP with their BC Care Card.
    • If you have an extended insurance plan, don't forget to check your vision coverage prior to the appointment. We are able to direct bill the following companies: Great West Life,Standard Life, Pacific Blue Cross, Green Shield, Chamber of Commerce and others.
    • Please call us at 604-892-5055, or email us at info@optomeyes.ca if you have any questions


    We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment. Thank you for choosing us as your eye care providers.