In case of emergency (red eye, foreign body, flashes or floaters), please contact us at : 514-697-4482 ext. 0.

Exam new patient

For new patients only

Complete eye exam

Eye exam for patients ages 18 to 74.

Complete exam for children

The eye exam for children ages of 0 to 17 is covered by the health insurance card.

Complete exam 75 years and up

Eye exam covered by health insurance card. Please provide a list of your most current medications.

Exam with contact lenses

Complete eye exam with contact lenses

Important : on last page, please enter your first name (not a nickname) and last name (maiden name) as they appear on your RAMQ card.

The day of your appointment :

  • Bring your medication list, as well as all pairs of glasses that you currently use.
  • If you are a contact lens wearer, please wear them to your appointment, and bring your contact lens case and also your glasses.
  • Bring your Medicare card (patients under 18 or 65 and over). Please note that additional fees may apply as per the recommendations of the optometrist.